Executive Summary and Recommendations

We call on the National Disability Insurance Agency to:

  • Cease progress towards rollout of the proposed reforms to Planning and Budgets until the Tune Review recommendations are relied upon in context, including extensive consultation with participants and the community

  • Make clear the mechanisms by which Independent Assessments will be used to generate a Plan funding figure, including any human intervention in this process to prevent support gaps or other dangerous outcomes

  • Make clear the mechanisms by which environmental factors and other holistic considerations for the support needs of people with disability will be understood, recorded, and affect funding, and how a change in these factors during the life of a Plan will impact funding

  • Ensure that the individualised goals and aspirations of people with disability remain a paramount consideration in the Planning process, and are considered, discussed and agreed between the person with disability and the delegate before a Plan budget is created

  • Ensure significantly increased, ongoing, high-quality implementation supports are made available to participants to understand and utilise flexible Plan budgets safely and effectively

The signatory organisations to this document provide advocacy support to a broad spectrum of individuals with disability who are overwhelmingly expressing acute fears regarding the risks to their health, wellbeing and access to reasonable and necessary supports raised by the currently proposed NDIS reforms.

The signatory organisations urge the National Disability Insurance Agency to commit to halting the currently proposed reforms and rebuilding them with an end-to-end codesign process directly involving people with disability, in line with Australia’s obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disability and the objects and principles of the NDIS Act itself.

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