A better world starts with you

A better world starts with you

A non-profit incorporated association and registered charity supporting the Northern Region of Sydney

Promoting, protecting, and upholding the rights of people with disability since 1978

Our vision is a society where all people with disability are valued, respected and included. Our mission is to empower people with disability to make informed choices and have control over their lives.

Our values are human rights, social justice, independence, diversity and accountability. We offer individual advocacy for people with disability who are experiencing issues such as abuse, neglect, violence, exploitation or discrimination.

Our Services

Welcome to Action for people with disability, a non-profit organisation that provides independent advocacy for people with disability in the Northern Region of Sydney. We are here to help you know your rights, uphold your rights and help you access the services and supports you need.

“A better world starts
with a choice

Our advocacy is based on the understanding that people with disability have the same rights as all other citizens in being treated with respect, dignity, and value in relation to their physical, emotional, educational, and social well-being.

Our job is to make sure that an ethical and legal process is followed to support the person with disability and their rights.