On Monday the 6th of May, Action hosted the first workshop in their Informed and Empowered Workshop series: Sex, love & Dating.

At the workshop, participants had all their questions answered about different types of relationships and their options for everything sex, love & dating.

They heard from expert speakers who were not afraid to talk about these big and important topics!

We had the pleasure of hearing from Liz Dore, Touching Base, Candice Care-Unger and Bootyride, whose insight and expertise were highly valued and appreciated by our audience!

Liz Dore, an Accredited Counselling Supervisor and Relationships and Sexuality Trainer, delved into vital topics. With two decades of experience supporting people with disabilities, Liz shared insights into friendships, dating, and understanding sexual attraction. She also guided attendees on recognising and navigating various types of relationships in life.

Touching Base Inc, a Sydney-based charity organisation, emphasised the importance of enabling people with disabilities to freely express their sexuality. They highlighted issues such as access barriers, discrimination, and legal challenges faced by these communities.

Candice Care-Unger from Care Rehab offered expertise on sexuality and disability. With qualifications as a sexologist and extensive experience as a social worker, Candice discussed dating after injury, adjusting relationships and sexuality post-illness or physical changes, and coping with associated grief and loss while emphasising opportunities for healing and pleasure.

Bootyride provides transportation and support so that you can achieve your sexual wellbeing goals in a shame free and judgement free environment, by a team that are skilled, passionate, and knowledgeable.

At Action, our mission is to provide everyone access to resources that support their journey through sex, love, and dating beyond the workshop! We’ve gathered a diverse array of guides, services, quizzes, workbooks, and more to be your trusted companions along the way.

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