Organisation Information


Organisation History

ACTION for People with Disability was formed by families in 1978 to promote and protect the rights and well-being of people with disability in the northern metropolitan region of Sydney, Australia.

We provide advocacy for people with disability and advocate for systemic changes.

Our advocacy involves supporting people with disability to achieve and maintain their rights by:

  • Representing a person’s best interests,

  • Helping make beneficial changes,

  • Being involved with genuine needs, and

  • Striving to minimise conflict of interest.

We are an independent regional organisation driven and managed by the community. Our staff and voluntary management committee are people directly involved with a person or family member with disability. Our systemic advocacy is based on real-life experiences and the needs of people with disability and their supporting families.



People with disability have the same rights as all other citizens



To take action with a minimum of conflict of interest that will promote, protect and defend the rights and interests of people with disability by:

  • Offering advocacy and support,

  • Promoting opportunities for people with disability to speak up for themselves and make informed decisions,

  • Consulting and actively seeking views of people with disability and their families in relation to real-life experiences, valued roles, barriers and finding ways to address these concerns,

  • Communicating the rights and interests of people with disability to government and non-government agencies,

  • Promoting an awareness of the rights of people with disability and encourage acceptance of their contributions and interests, and

  • Developing new ways of providing support and achieving valued roles in the community.